Friday-Portrait: Golden

It’s friday again. And Friday is portrait day on our blog. A shiny, golden one this week.
Every Friday each of us is going to upload one portrait to a given theme. On facebook you are now able to vote for the next weeks theme. You name what you wish to see – we go out and get it.

Here is last weeks theme: GOLDEN

Elephant Painter

This young man paints elephants, pegasuses and spirithouses golden. Even though i wonder who the people are that put these elephants in their living rooms, i find this workshop to be a interesting place.

Lucas Wahl

Michel Kiryakos

Michel in his small beautiful goldsmithin Hanover. He just soldered a gold ring.

Florian Manz

Florian Manz

Golden Bike

I don’t know, whether I want to consider this image a portrait or not. Sure, it is a picture of a person, but it was more a crappy snapshot than anything else. Actually I met this guy today on Delancey Street in Lower Eastside and as I didn’t have my camera on me, I took this picture with my iPhone. It was just such a nice coincidence, that he had a completely golden painted bike, I couldn’t resist…

Lene Münch

The golden Buddha

This is a „portrait“ of the standing Buddha in Bangkok. The statue is 31,5 meters high and a famous tourist attraction in Bangkok.

Julius Schrank