Friday-Portrait: SUPERFLUOUS

It’s friday again. And Friday is portrait day on our blog. Superfluous this week – not easy…
Every Friday each of us is going to upload one portrait to a given theme. On facebook you are now able to vote for the next weeks theme. You name what you wish to see – we go out and get it.

Here is last weeks theme: SUPERFLUOUS

He Cheng Fei

He Cheng Fei is a chinese business man who has been living in Vientiane for 2 years. He moved here together with his wife. He owns a superfluous electronics shop in a superfluous new shopping mall. The »Talatsao Mall« which is the first american style mall in Laos, opened 2 weeks ago. But so far there are only a handfull of shops in it. It doesn’t seem to become a big success. He Cheng Fei says he is paying 12.000 USD rent for his little shop in the basement of the building and sees extremely few customers. He seemed quite desperate to me (he tried to sell me a Sony charger for my Canon batteries…).

Lucas Wahl


This weeks theme was a hard task… For me people in disguise, who pose for touristpictures around Times Square are quite superfluous.

Lene Münch


superfluous racist in the Czech Republic.

Florian Manz

Florian Manz


This is a girl who’s working on a retro-fashion market stand in Bangkok. If you consider that it more than 30 degrees plus and a high humidity, it is quite superfluous to sell fur coats

Julius Schrank

Julius Schrank