Friday-Portrait: The Final Countdown

We’re sorry that it’s been a little slow on this blog lately. We were a bit busy with some preparations for the Lumix Festival in Hannover, the Euro-Cup and summer vacations. But our batteries are fully charged now and we’re ready to go!
It has now almost been one year since we’ve started the Friday-Portrait project. In fact there is three fridays left. Three more pictures before we will start editing and putting together something exciting. To get back on track we will try an idea that „Sebastian Nix“ submitted through facebook: Today we will all shoot a portrait where ever we are at the same time. That means: 11 am NYC time, 5 pm in Germany and 10 pm in Asia.
There is also a new vote up on facebook that will be open till Friday, go for it!

We’re already thinking of something new that will happen here after the friday portrait is finished. We’ll let you know!