Friday-Portrait: STREET PORTRAIT

It’s friday again. And Friday used to be portrait day on our blog. STREET PORTRAIT is our last theme in this series. For one year every Friday each of us was uploading
one portrait to a given theme. On facebook you were able to vote for the next weeks theme.

Here is our last Friday-Portrait: STREET PORTRAIT


Lene Münch

Yarsagumba Dealer

The man with the phone is a Yarsagumba-Dealer in Dzato, Qinghai, China. Yarsagumba is a rare fungus that parasites on the body of a caterpillar of a moth. It is found in altitudes of around 5000 meters and up. It is known as himalayan viagra and mainly used in chinese medicine. One kilo can cost up to 25.000 USD. In Dzato hundreds of men can be seen dealing yarsagumba on the mainroad every day.

Lucas Wahl


I met Sarah in Berlin, she is a singer.

Florian Manz