Friday-Project: Airports

The Friday-Project is the new Friday-Portrait at The game has changed though: Each Friday one of us is going to show a small project of a self chosen topic. Be it portraiture, reportage, fashion, landscape or whatever else. There are no restrictions and no limits, but enough room for creativity and fun for us to have.

I am starting this week with a little series of iphone pictures taken on airports over the past year. I have been travelling quite a bit and during the long hours of waiting i’d oftenly wander around snapping a few shots here and there. Using a phone is great because people hardly notice that you are taking a picture at all.

I find that there is almost always something interesting going on at airports. There are a whole lot of veeery boring things going on there as well of course. Anyways, one time something happened i’d never seen before and i DO NOT have pictures from. It went like this: My girlfriend and me were flying into Kunming in China. So we come down to the immigration counter and suddenly about three camera men and five photographers appear behind the immigration ladies and start taking pictures of us and filming the whole process. They later stopped us at the security checks using us as photo models and showing off their fancy security stuff. It turned out to be the opening day of their new airport they had just built. The thing is immense – Kunming is a city about twice the size of Berlin, yet it was impossible to either get any money there nor was it easy to get a taxi, it was a complete chaos. But i’ll long remember my 15 minutes of fame i got out there in Kunming, being the first westerner to arrive at their Airport.

Well, pictures now:

On the bus to the plane. Bangkok, Thailand

Domestic terminal. Vientiane, Laos

Ashtray. Helsinki, Finnland.

Waiting for departure. Bangkok, Thailand.

Smoking room. Kunming, China.

Transit. Dubai, UAE.