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Interesting GEO Assignement

I was recently assigned to do a very unusual job for GEO magazine – half assistent half photographer. The job was to photograph schools that are using innovative tools in their teaching. One example being a so called SteveJobs School in Amsterdam. Every student there has an Ipad on which they do their tasks individually. […] weiterlesen »

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»Darko & Scum« published in Zeit Campus

Caterina Lobenstein and me have published a story about Darko & Scum from Yangon, Burma. It’s a story about friendship, about music and about growing up in a dictatorship. You can find an online version of the the story (in german language only) here. The music of Darko’s band „Side Effect“ can be found on […] weiterlesen »

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Portrait Portfolio

Take a look here. weiterlesen »

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Friday-Project: Yangon Street

People were saying that before the »change« it was difficult to get in touch with locals in Yangon because many people were afraid to be seen talking to foreigners. I haven’t been there during those times however. The first time I went was during the by-elections in april 2012. Taxis would be full of stickers […] weiterlesen »

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Friday-Project: Flip-Flop Ocean

We are living in a world full of plastic. Plastic surrounds us everywhere and if not properly disposed it poses a threat to our environment. A lot of our plastic eventually ends up in the ocean. Millions of tons float around our waters and birds, fish and reptiles mistake it for food, eat it and […] weiterlesen »

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Friday-Project: Christchurch Earthquake – 2 years later

Traveling to Christchurch, New Zealand recently, i was surprised to see in what bad shape the city still is almost two years after the february 2011 earthquake. The magnitude 6.3 quake killed 185 people and resulted in the 3rd largest insurance claim worldwide. The central area was most heavily affected and over 80% of all […] weiterlesen »

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Friday-Project: Everything for the Summit

Just days before I left Laos, the 9th ASEM Summit took place in Vientiane. More than 30 heads of government took part in the event and slept on land grabbed from a farming community in central Vientiane. The europeans remained quiet and missed a big chance to speak out against the growing problem of land […] weiterlesen »

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Friday-Project: Airports

The Friday-Project is the new Friday-Portrait at The game has changed though: Each Friday one of us is going to show a small project of a self chosen topic. Be it portraiture, reportage, fashion, landscape or whatever else. There are no restrictions and no limits, but enough room for creativity and fun for us […] weiterlesen »

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Friday-Portrait: The Final Countdown

We’re sorry that it’s been a little slow on this blog lately. We were a bit busy with some preparations for the Lumix Festival in Hannover, the Euro-Cup and summer vacations. But our batteries are fully charged now and we’re ready to go! It has now almost been one year since we’ve started the Friday-Portrait […] weiterlesen »

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Bangkok Flood

I just came back from Bangkok where i covered the flood for german newspaper FAZ with their correspondend Jochen Buchsteiner. It were to become three pretty wet days. When i was flying in i could see large areas outside of bangkok under water. Bangkok itself is protected by large dykes and a system of canals […] weiterlesen »

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