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Publication in Stern

Julius story about Rhino-translocation was just published in Stern. read more »

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Royal Madness

it came as a nice surprise when we found out that we’d be covering the crowning of the new dutch King, Willem Alexander, together. Julius for De Volkskrant and Lucas for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. So it happened that we hit Amsterdam’s streets together during these days of orange madness. Hundreds of thousands of spectators came […] read more »

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Friday-Project: Random Portraits

Here some random portraits from the last weeks mainly shot for De Volkskrant. Dr. Edith Kuiper / Amsterdam Martin Fondse / Musician / Amsterdam Herschel / Canadian Husky / Akersloot Benjamin Baber / Writer / Utrecht Anna Hoynatska / Chairman 1% Club / Amsterdam Michiel Herkemij / CEO Douwe Egberts / Amsterdam Thomas, Rik, Sjouke […] read more »

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Friday-Project: Senegal Artisan Portraits

Florian and I are still in Africa, participating the Amsterdam Dakar challenge. We just arrived in Dakar and had a day off yesterday. We used the time to start shooting a portrait series about craftsmen working along the streets or in their little shops. Today we will head on towards The Gambia where our car […] read more »

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Julius logging story in National Geographic

After almost 6 months of travelling in Asia, Julius is back home in Holland / Germany! »The best surprise was, when I arrived on Amsterdam Airport, I found my logging story from Canada in the current issue of the Benelux National Geographic Magazine.« Next to that, there is also a portrait of the Dutch scientist […] read more »

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Julius is on the road again

For the next few months, Julius will be cruising Southeast Asia. Together with his girl and his Land Rover, he is looking for adventures. On his List: Many countries and a lot of photos. Follow him on his Blog: read more »

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Evicting a squatter stronghold.

Last week I got the assignment to photograph the eviction of a squattered house in central Amsterdam. The place was called »Schijnheilig«, which means something like »sanctimonious« and can be considered as a kind of stronghold of the squatter scene in Amsterdam. I reached the place at sunrise at around 5:30 am, shortly before the […] read more »

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Now Julius is featured on »Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine«

After Lucas and Lene, now I’m featured on the homepage of the »sz-magazin«. One can find a selection of my logging-reportage including an interview. Click here for the whole article. read more »

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Meeting the »Seashepherds« on Tasmania.

End of last year, I travelled to Australia for a story about the »Seashepherd conservation society«. Every year the group of marine and wildlife activists launches a huge campain to the Antarctica to chase the Japanese Whaling-fleet. This year the campain contained 3 vessels: The »Steve Irwin«, the »Bob Barker« and their new top gun, […] read more »

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On search for Orka-whales in northern Norway

A few weeks ago, I’ve been on assignment in northern Norway. Together with a writing college, we flew from Amsterdam via Oslo and Bodø to Narvik. Narvik is a small town, which can be seen as the getaway to the islands of the Lofoten. From here we boarded an old Fishing boat, and started our […] read more »

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