Portrait des Fotografen Florian

Florian Manz

Florian Manz was born in 1982 in Stuttgart, Germany. His photoreportages show free-minded people and authentic characters, as well as the life in lonesome places on earth. Florian lives and works in Hanover and Bremen, Germany.

Portrait des Fotografen Lene

Lene Münch

Lene Münch was born in 1983 in Cologne, Germany. She is most interested in photographing tiny parallel worlds. Inconspicuous medium format pictures establish her photographical focus. Lene is based in Berlin, Germany.

Portrait des Fotografen Julius

Julius Schrank

Julius Schrank was born in 1984 in Bielefeld, Germany. Julius sees himself as a photojournalist whos main focus lies on thrilling photoreportages. Oftentimes his stories have a close relation to nature and his environment. Julius lives and works in Hamburg, Germany

Portrait des Fotografen Lucas

Lucas Wahl

Lucas Wahl was born in 1984 in Hamburg, Germany. He mainly focuses in social issues and street photography. Lucas currently lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.