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»Geosaison« with a story from Florian and Julius in stores now!

In the February issue of the German travel magazine »Geosaison« you can find a story about Perpignan in south-east France, shot by Florian and Julius. Late summer of last year, they spend a couple of days down there to photograph their first job for the well known magazine. Have a look! weiterlesen »

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Florian and Julius just finished their assignment for »GEO Saison«

A couple of days ago, Florian and Julius came back from their assignment for the German travel-magazine »GEO Saison«. They’ve spent around 9 days photographing in southern France. »We definitely had a good time down there, eventhough the metier of travel-photography was very new to us. Usually as a photojournalist you are focused on things […] weiterlesen »

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