Lene Münch: Exhibition – Monat der Fotografie Off – Berlin 2014

Lene Muench – Galerie am Nest

As part of the Monat der Fotografie Off my series about american fraternities »One man is no man« will be shown in this years group exhibition of ParisBerlin:


with pictures of Claudia Balsters, Holger Biermann, Chiara Dazi, Hannah Goldstein, Amélie Losier, Marie Lukasiewicz, Albin Millot, Lene Münch, Frédérique Plas und Sebastian Rosenberg

Galerie am Café Nest | Görlitzer Str. 52 | 10997 Berlin | Germany
October 25 – November 13, 2014

Opening: Saturday, October 25, at 7 pm

Pass by if you are in Berlin!!!

Upcoming: KLEISTER in Berlin

Lene Münch – KLEISTER
On Friday, September 27 KLEISTER is again taking place at Görlitzer Park in Berlin and Lene Münch is gonna be part of this great event.

Opening Sept. 27, 2 pm
Where along the wall of Görlitzer Park at Görlitzer Strasse in Berlin

Finissage same day, 9 pm
Where Mysliwska, Schlesische Straße 35

Participating photographers Danny Aldred / Emilie Arfeuil / Frederico Azevedo / Claudia Balsters / Göksu Baysal / Wolfgang Bellwinkel / Karoline Bofinger / Sabine von Breunig / Michele Caliari / Tine Casper / Alexine Chanel / Max Cramer / Lia Darjes / Damien Daufresne / Chiara Dazi / Emilie Delugeau / Francis Ducreau / Boris Eldagsen / Patricia Escriche / Florian G. M. Fischer / April Gertler / hannah goldstein / Toums Gosset / Anne Kathrin Greiner / Katja Haustein / Anastasia Hermann / Britta Isenrath / Muhammed Lamin Jadama / Charlie Jouvet / Anna K.O. / Tan Kadam / Birte Kaufmann / Kim Keibel / Billy Kenrick / Isabel Kiesewetter / Dagmar Kolatschny /Birgit Krause / Sebastian Laraia / Claire Laude / Maslowski/Grenzhaeuser / Philipp Meise / Marga van den Meydenberg / Lene Münch / Florian Oellers / Lukas Olfe / Piotr Pietrus / Lucy Powell / Barbara Proschak / Nadja Ritter / Richard Rocholl / Gilles Roudière / Corinna Sauer / Anja Schaffner / Christian Schlicht / Ulrike Schmitz / Ina Schoenenburg / Linn Schröder / Torsten Schumann / Anke Schüttler / Sophie Schwarz / Cameron Scott / Kamil Sobolewski / Nora Ströbel / Sonja Trabandt / Constanze Vielgosz / Dorothee Waldenmaier / Matthias Walendy / Anna Simone Wallinger / Jonas Ludwig Walter / Janina Wick / Kai Wiedenhoefer / Jan Zappner / Kerstin Zillmer

One-Night Slideshow Exhibition »Crossing the Bridge« in Berlin

Lene Münch Crossing the Bridge

One picture of Lene Münch is gonna be included in a one-night slideshow exhibition organized by Kaetha & The Photographic Salon as part of the International PICTURE BERLIN Festival in Berlin.

The slideshow is gonna be screened on Friday, August 15, starting at 7 pm at LEHRTERSIEBZEHN

Exhibiting photographers:
Frederico Azevedo | Christine Bachmann | Lia Darjes | Damien Daufresne | Chiara Dazi | Dorothee Deiss | Émilie Delugeau | Patricia Escriche | Torben Geeck | April
Gertler | Ismini Goula | Fred Hüning | Thorsten Kirchhoff | Amélie Losier | Henrik
Malmström | Jan Michalko | Lene Münch | Ethna O‘ Regan | Piotr Pietrus | Richard Rocholl | Gilles Roudière | Rebecca Sampson | Corinna Sauer | Ulrike Schmitz | Ina Schoenenburg | Sarah Steffen | Judith Stenneken | Kamil Sobolewski | Christian Tiefensee | Mathias Völcker | Luca Vecoli | Sylvie Weiss

Crossing the Bridge
Lehrter Str. 17, HH, 3rd floor
10557 Berlin

Lene Münch: Exhibition – Voies Off Festival at Les Rencontres d’Arles 2014

Photo by Andreas B. Krueger

Photo by Andreas B. Krueger

Unfortunately I won’t make it to Les Rencontres d’Arles in person this year, but my pictures will!

As part of the Voies Off Festival 2014 my series about american fraternities »One man is no man« will be shown in this years group exhibition of ParisBerlin:

July 7-13, 11 am to 9 pm
Atelier Galerie | 22 Rue Porte de Laure | 13200 Arles | France

Opening: Wednesday, July 9, at 6 pm
Finissage: Saturday, July 12, at 6 pm

Pass by if you are in Arles!!!

Exhibition »Fernweh« in Berlin

Fernweh by Lene Münch

from the series »One man is no man«

One image from my new series »One man is no man« on American Eastcoast Fraternities is gonna be included in a slideshow, curated by Kaetha.

Kaetha is a curatorial collaboration between hannah goldstein and Katja Haustein.

The slideshow is gonna be screened at the exhibition »Fernweh« at gallery tête in Berlin, which is showing work by Carla Åhlander, Jörg Brüggemann, Birgit Krause, Andreas Seibert & Constanze Vielgosz.

Opening: January 3rd at 7 pm

The exhibition is open on January, 4th & 5th 2014 from 2 – 6 pm

Fernweh at Gallery Tête
Schönhauser Allee 161A
10435 Berlin

Upcoming exhibition: Hotel Bogota

one man is no man by Lene Münch

from the series »One man is no man – Einer ist Keiner« by Lene Münch

Hotel Bogota is a very special and historical place in Berlin which used to be a meeting point for artists and especially photographers such as YVA, Helmut Newton and many more.

It is very sad that Hotel Bogota is forced to close its doors in the end of this month, but as much more I am thrilled about being part of the KLEISTER exhibition which will take place on its 4th floor before its closure.

KLEISTER »blue monday«
from Dec. 9th until Dec. 14th, 2013

Hotel Bogota
Schlüterstraße 45
10707 Berlin

The opening will be on Sunday, December 8th at 7 pm.
Come by to celebrate with us this amazing and unique place!

Upcoming exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany

My story The Apparatus will be shown in an exhibition organised by the BFF, the German Association of Freelance Photographers, from march 23 – april 14, 2013 in Stuttgart, Germany at the »Haus der Wirtschaft Baden-Württemberg«.

From the series »The Apparatus« by Lene Münch

From the series »The Apparatus« by Lene Münch

The opening of the exhibition Sternstunden der Fotografie will take place on Friday, march 22 at 7 pm during the legendary »night of the photographs«.

Next to the pictures of world famous photographers such as Anton Stankowski, David Douglas Duncan, Miles Aldridge, Reinhart Wolf, Werner Pawlok, Dietmar Henneka and Ralph Gibson the five winning series of the 24th international BFF promotion award by Helen Sobiralski »Cockaignesque«, Liang Gao »Einblicke.China«, Paula Markert »Die Verhältnisse«, Lene Münch »Der Apparat« and Philipp Peter Wülfing »Alzheimer« will be on show.

Sternstunden der Fotografie
the exhibition runs from march 23 until april 14, 2013
Haus der Wirtschaft Baden-Württemberg
Willi Bleicher-Straße 19
70174 Stuttgart, Germany

Opening hours daily from 11 am to 8 pm.
No entrance fee.

New York Edited – On the streets and beyond

»New York Edited« is the result of a cooperation between the International Center of Photography in New York and the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin. Every year the photo editor students from Berlin choose 12 stories that were shot by the ICP photojournalism and documentary photography students in New York, sequence it and layout a book or a magazine.

»New York Edited. On the streets and beyond« gives us an insight into the city that never runs out of interesting stories and fascinating people: beautiful, paralyzed, depressed, curious, blind, vivid, dangerous, busy, colorful, isolated, peaceful, precarious, divided, and proud are only some of the words to describe the diversity of people and places documented in this book. (From the foreword of the magazine, written by Nadja Masri, Head of the photo editors‘ program at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie, Berlin)

I’m thrilled to have my picture chosen as the cover image of this really beautiful magazine.

Run over the pages of the whole magazine here. My series starts at minute 1:27

Friday-Project: Dog-Portraits

This portrait series of dogs and their owners in DUMBO, Brooklyn was a result of one of our self-given Friday-Portrait assignments from last year – you might remember…

For me it was interesting to see all those people walking their dogs in DUMBO, which for me is a neighborhood that seems almost a bit surreal. Without any signs of people living there, the dogs and their owners form kind of a weird contrast to this neatness.

Self publishing

The freshly printed newspapers of my project »Don’t you think I will look like a ghost in front of this wall« just arrived! Here is a small preview.

Misplaced plant pictures in »Project M«

Some of my plant pictures have just been used to illustrate an article on the present economic situation in »Project M« Magazine. Taking pictures of misplaced plants in public spaces has been a small personal side project for the past 5 years.

Friday-Project: Gleason’s Gym

Earlier this year in New York I startet shooting a project on boxing at the famous Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn. Unfortunately I never finished this project, cause the gym wanted me to pay a sort of a membership fee, which I think isn’t the right way to gain access to shoot a reportage…

Golden Gloves Tournament, Flushing, NY

Gleason’s Gym, DUMBO, NY

Golden Gloves Tournament, Brooklyn, NY

Gleason’s Gym, DUMBO, NY

Golden Gloves Tournament, Brooklyn, NY

But a pretty nice side effect was, that one of the trainers asked me to shoot some advertising images for his fitness website. That was fun and I could earn some money.

Friday-Project: New York Street Portraits

The search for subtle visual interest is a guiding force for me when I take pictures. It has never been more exciting for me to watch people passing by than it was in New York City. Sometimes it was a gesture, sometimes it was their appearance, which made me want to photograph these people and watch them more closely.

The following pictures are actually not new – I took all of them in July, when I was still living in New York. I just developed the rolls of film now and scanned the negatives yesterday and wanted to share the pictures with you.
These images are part of my series »Set & Setting«. You can find the whole project here.

Wall Street, NYC, USA

Upper East Side, NYC, USA

Midtown, NYC, USA

Spanish Harlem, NYC, USA

Charity Exhibition

»Good Photos – Good Cause« is the title of the charity exhibition that will take place from November 8, 2012 to January 17, 2013 at the FREELENS Gallery in Hamburg. In favour of the FREELENS Foundation pictures of photographers such as Peter Bialobrzeski, Thomas Hoepker, Eva Leitolf, Gerd Ludwig, Rudi Meisel, Marco van Duyvendijk and many more will be shown and sold at the FREELENS Gallery in Hamburg.

Lene Münch donated a framed picture of her New York series »Set & Setting«.

Kathmandu – City of Kings

Lucas Wahl donated a picture from his Kathmandu series.

Visitors will have the unique opportunity to attend a multi-faceted exhibition of contemporary photography and buy their favourite images right away – freely based on the motto »Do good and take good things home«. Additionally the exhibition will be shown online. The entire proceeds will go to the FREELENS Foundation.

Thursday, November 8, 2012 at 7 pm at the FREELENS Gallery in Hamburg.

Kollektiv25 at Visa pour l’image in Perpignan

From today on the Photofestival Visa pour l’image/Visa Off is exhibiting work from Julius Schrank and Lene Münch. Julius is showing different pictures from his work at the dutch newspaper deVolkskrant and Lenes work about German Fraternities is part of a group show of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Hanover.

»DAILY PRESS«, Julius Schrank, Visa pour l’image
Arsenal des Carmes, Rue Jean Vieilledent, Perpignan
September 1 to September 16, 2012
open daily from 10 am to 8 pm
free of charge

»AWARDED«, Lene Münch, Visa off
La Salle des Libertés, 3 Rue Edmont Bartissol, Perpignan
September 1 to September 8, 2012
open daily from 10 am to 6 pm
free of charge

Julius and Lene will both be in Perpignan and we would be happy to see you at the opening of »AWARDED« on Tuesday, September 4 at 6 pm. There will be wine!

Lene Münch wins BFF Promotion Award

Lene Münchs photobook »Der Apparat« (The Apparatus) has been awarded with the BFF Promotion Award 2012. Every year the BFF Promotion Award is bestowed on the 5 best degree works in the field of photography by the German Association of Freelance Photographers (BFF – Bund Freischaffender Foto-Designer) and sponsored by the Kodak Cultural Program, the magazine stern, NEON, Leica Camera AG, the foundation Reinhart-Wolf-Stiftung and the Ministry of Finance and Economics of the German State of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

The Jury:

Jutta Buer (Board of Directors / Reinhart-Wolf-Stiftung)
Andrea Gothe (photo director / stern)
Anna Gripp (Editor / Photonews)
Gisela Kayser (Artistic Director / Freundeskreis Willy-Brandt-Haus e.V.)
Jochen Rädeker (President / ADC Germany)
Prof. Manfred Schmalriede (Berlin / Pforzheim)
Dr. Claude W. Sui (Director and Curator / Forum Internationale Fotografie der Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen)

About the book:

»The Apparatus« focuses on a theme of our time and tells a story apart from sensations. Offices and institutions are in themselves boring places that evoke a feeling of unease and anxiety, when getting in touch with them.

It was clear from the outset that I didn’t want to reproduce the classic stereotypes when dealing with this subject. Full waiting rooms, long corridors and annoyed faces simply didn’t interest me in this story. These images are somehow already known too well. I was rather interested in the nature of the offices and institutions themselves. In the apparatus itself.

I was not only interested in the typical offices and institutions, but also in scenes beside. This is why I was not only in offices and administrative buildings but have also had a look at the former home of the former chancellors, have been underground in the mine Asse II, where the Federal Office for Radiation Protection investigates for solutions to the local problem of final disposal of nuclear waste and have been told that there is a kind of TÜV for plants (Federal Office of Plant Varieties). Also new to me was, that a chimney sweep is, as a single person, as well an institution for himself.

Lene on assignment for chinese ELLE MEN

In the newest issue of ELLE MEN (China) there is a big feature story on big wheels around the world. Mid may they sent me on assignment to photograph the owners of the world famous »Wonder Wheel« in Coney Island. Some days ago a copy of the magazine arrived at my place.

ICP End-of-Year-Exhibition

PICTURE DEPT – a tumblr by the Newsweek & The Daily Beast photo editors featured my work to promote the End-of-Year-Exhibition of ICP’s fulltime students. The opening reception is gonna be tonight. There will be wine and food!

»My Truth, Your Truth«
Full-Time Student 2012 Exhibition Opening Reception
Friday, June 22, 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
School at ICP, 1114 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY

on view through August 12

Shoot for GQ Germany

Some weeks ago I shot a small story for the current issue of GQ Germany. I went to Pittsburgh, Pensilvania to photograph Paul C. Mawhinney, the man with the largest record collection in the world. Paul owns more than 3,5 Million records. Due to his diabetes he became half blind and therefore decided to sell all his records. The new owner will turn the collection into a museum.

emerge book

The guys from emerge-mag.com have just published their first book. We are very happy to be part of it with two stories of Kollektiv25 members.

The book covers 276 pages with reportages from 26 German photographers such as Christian Pankratz, Gesche Jäger, Daniel Pilar, Anne Lass, Nicole Strasser, Lene Münch, Mareike Günsche, Jan Windszus, Frederic Lezmi, Anikka Bauer, Tine Casper, Daniel Etter, Mischa Christen, Kirill Golovchenko, Hannes Jung, Heinrich Völkel, Jan Brandes, Gordon Welters, Florian Manz, Judith Stenneken, Rebecca Sampson, Jonas Ludwig Walter, Andy Spyra, Dawin Meckel, Anna-Kristina Bauer and Felix Seuffert.

The book can be ordered here:
emerge 011 – Young Photojournalism and Documentary Photography
20 x 25 cm
Language: German
229 Color- und B/W-images
276 pages

ISBN 978-3-00-036295-8
39€ + shipping

Lene Münch – Exhibition at C/O Berlin

Until January 15th, 2012 Lene Münchs series on german fraternities »Ewig treu« will be exhibited in a group show at C/O Berlin – International Forum for Visual Dialogues. Other participating photographers are Malte Wandel, Michael Disqué and Toby Binder.

Opening hours daily: 11 am – 8 pm
Admission: free
Place: C/O Berlin, Atelier (in the courtyard of the Postfuhramt), Auguststraße 5a, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Planket 2011 – Stockholm and Berlin

»Ewig treu« is one of the 60 works, that have been curated for the swedish show Planket 2011. Planket is a one-day out-door photography exhibition that hangs on a fence (»planket« means »fence« in Swedish). The format of the show has always been the same since it first started in 1982.

2011 is the first year in Planket’s history that the exhibition will travel. After Stockholm the exhibition will be shown in Berlin as well.

The dates for the shows are:
Stockholm (Lilla Mejtens Gränd): August 20th and
Berlin (Görlitzer Strasse): September 10th

A catalogue accompanies the show with one image per artist. The catalogue is for sale on the day of the exhibitions and at various bookstores and museum shops worldwide.

Photos by Antonia Zennaro

Finally I have my bachelor degree!

My final project deals with german bureaucracy and I realised a photobook with the german title »Der Apparat« (english translation: The Apparatus).

The Apparatus focuses on a theme of our time and tells a story apart from sensations. Offices and institutions are in themselves barren boring places that evoke a feeling of unease and anxiety, when getting in touch with them.

It was clear from the outset that I didn’t want to reproduce the classic stereotypes when dealing with this subject. Full waiting rooms, long corridors and annoyed faces simply didn’t interest me in this story. These images are somehow already known too well. I was rather interested in the nature of the offices and institutions themselves. In the apparatus itself. I wanted to convey a mood and encourage the viewer to pause and reflect.

Documentary photography aims, different than the purely journalistic photography, not the capture of highlights of an event, but focuses more on casual, trivial or subtle image content.

I was not only interested in the typical offices and institutions, but I have also searched specifically for scenes beside. This is why I was not only in offices and administrative buildings but have also had a look at the former home of the former chancellors, have been underground in the mine Asse II, where the Federal Office for Radiation Protection investigates for solutions to the local problem of final disposal of nuclear waste and have been told that there is a kind of TÜV for plants (Federal Office of Plant Varieties). Also new to me was, that a chimney sweep is, as a single person, as well an institution for himself.

With my pictures I don’t want to force meanings or messages to the viewer, but rather to encourage in a subtle way to look critically at our society, to question structures and prescribed paths and to form an opinion about it by themselves.

New York Photo Awards: Lene wins the student category »Photographic Book«

Last night, at the award ceremony, photographers from around the world have been awarded with the »New York Photo Awards«, one winner and two honorable mentions in each of the seven general categories and five student categories.

I’m very happy to announce, that I am the winner of the student category »Photographic Book«. I applied with my book »Ewig treu«, which portrays the lifestyle of student fraternities in Germany.

The New York Photo Awards 2011 are part of the New York Photo Festival, which takes place in NYC right now (may 11th until 15th).

Top 10 emerging photographers from Germany

Florian Manz, Lene Münch and Julius Schrank are three of the TOP TEN UNTER 30 emerging photographers from Germany selected by »flare« magazine.

The jury consisted of the gallery owner Robert Morat, the art director Matthias Ballmann, the photographer Sebastian Bolesch and a Representative of the photoeditors of Spiegel Online. To see the other 7 photographers who have been selected click here.

Exhibition »Explaining man to man«

»When I first became interested in photography… my idea was to have it recognized as one of the fine arts. Today I don’t give a hoot in hell about that. The mission of photography is to explain man to man and each to himself.« said Edward Steichen quite a while ago. Based on this credo of the famous photographer the photo exhibition at our University in Hanover got its title »explaining man to man«. The exhibition is meant as an anthology to report on the photo-journalistic work that originated here in the last ten years. Among the 63 works that are shown in the exhibition there are 5 reportages made by Kollektiv25-members.

Until April 8th 2011 the exhibition will be on display during the opening hours of the Design Center in Hanover.

The catalogue »Den Menschen den Menschen erklären« has been published by Rasch Verlag and can be ordered for 24 Euro, ISBN 978-3-89946-160-2.

Rückblende 2010 – Award for political photography

One of my portraits of the German politician Hans-Christian Ströbele (Green Party) that I shot for the Danish Newspaper »Information« has been nominated for the Award »Rückblende 2010« and is now being exhibited in different Cities around Germany and Belgium:

Berlin, Landesvertretung Rheinland-Pfalz, Jan 21st until Feb 20th 2011
Bonn, Haus der Geschichte der BRD
, March 2nd until April 3rd 2011

Mainz, SWR-Funkhaus, April 13th until May 13th 2011

Brüssel, Vertretung des Landes Rheinland-Pfalz, 
May 19th 2011

Trier, Kurfürstliches Palais der ADD, 
June 1st until June 17th 2011

Leipzig, Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig
, July 7th until Aug 28th 2011

Koblenz, Struktur- und Genehmigungsdirektion
, Sept 14th until Oct 21st 2011

The catalog can be ordered here.

Kollektiv25 joins Agency FOCUS

We’re happy to announce that all four of us have joined the german agency FOCUS. FOCUS has gained a lot of renommée for promoting photojournalism over the past 30 years and represents photographers such as Annie Leibovitz, David Burnett, Sebastião Salgado and agencies like Magnum and Contact Press in Germany.

We’re looking forward to a good cooperation and to make some pennies, too 😉
Our images are waiting to be licensed in the agency – go for it!

Photo- und Presseagentur FOCUS
Alter Fischmarkt 3
20457 Hamburg
TEL +49 (0) 40 4502 23-0
FAX +49 (0) 40 4502 23-50

The Invented World – New pictures online

Quite a while ago I photographed this small essay about the »Tropical Islands« near Berlin. Let me tell you: this is the weirdest place I have ever been to. When you see the building for the first time, it seems as if an UFO has just landed in the middle of nowhere.
Initially the huge hall was built to build zeppelins, but due to financial reasons it failed in the year 2000. And shortly after that a malaysian investor bought it in order to bring the tropics to Germany.

FotoDoks 2010 – Festival for documentary photography

Last night I just returned from a 5-day-trip to Munich, where I exhibited my work The secret world of fraternities at the documentary photofestival FotoDoks 2010. Beside the familiar athmosphere and all the great people that I met and the phantastic photos that were shown in the former Hertie-Store »Puerto-Giesing«, one of the highlights for me was the meeting with Anders Petersen.

All in all it was a very intense and inspiring time for me. Chapeau to the initiators Robert Pupeter, Hans Herbig, Jörg Koopmann and Armin Smailovic and congratulation to this year’s winner Gordon Welters.


The two photos of Anders Petersens lecture in courtesy of Andreas Müller.

»Ewig treu« at FotoDoks 2010

The work »Ewig treu« by Lene Münch will be exhibited at the documentary photofestival FotoDoks 2010 from October 14th to 17th in Munich.
For the last two years FotoDoks was part of the filmfestival »nonfiktionle«, but this year it will be independent for the first time.
The exhibition will show eleven different approaches to the theme »inner worlds«. Next to that a lecture with Anders Petersen and panel discussions about documentary photography will take place.
Lene will be at the festival and is looking forward to meeting a lot of people over there!

Save the date:
FotoDoks 2010, October 14th to 17th, Puerto Giesing in Munich

Catalogue of the 2nd Lumix-Festival

We are happy, that we were part of the exhibitions at the 2nd Lumix-Festival for young photojournalism in Hanover. For those who couldn’t come to Hannover to see the exhibitions, or for those who were there and would like to have a souvenir to remember all the great works, there are good news: A catalogue with extracts of each reportage, that has been exhibited + all information about the photographers has been published.

In case you missed to buy one at the Festival, you can now get the catalogue for 20 Euros at the Bookshop in the House of Photography in the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg or you can order it via email: bookshop@deichtorhallen.de

The countdown of the »2nd Lumix festival for young fotojournalism« is on!

Next week on Wednesday the 16th, the »2nd Lumix festival for young photojournalism« will start in Hanover!
Today the official festival newspaper was released. The cover of the 14 000 copies shows a portrait of Hermann Völxen, the protagonist of Florians story »The last remaining farmer in Hanover« which will be exhibited at the festival.

Meeting in Berlin!

It’s already a few days ago, but we still want to show you some photos of our meeting at the beginning of this month in Berlin.

On May first, we went to the big demonstration of right-wing extremists to cover the event. There were around 700 fascists trying to walk through Berlin, but got stopped after a few hundred meters by an enormous amount of counter-demonstrators blocking the streets.
At the demonstration we found ourselves between hundreds of photographers, journalists and film-teams. It felt as if there were at least two press-members
for every demonstrator. Anyways, it was nice being »on assignment« with the whole collective.

Lumix Festival for Young Phojournalism

Three members of Kollektiv25 are nominated for the FreeLens-Award 2010.
The nominated reportages will be exhibited at the Lumix – Festival for Young Photojournalism in Hanover, Germany from june 16th to 20th 2010.

Florian Manz with »The last remaining farmer in Hanover«
Lucas Wahl with »Kathmandu – City of Kings«
Lene Münch with »The Secret World of Fraternities«

Website of the Lumix – Festival for young photojournalism
Or watch the trailer.

»The last remaining farmer in Hanover« by Florian Manz
»Kathmandu – City of Kings« by Lucas Wahl
»The secret world of Fraternities« by Lene Münch

German photo-magazine refers to Kollektiv25

The german photo-magazine »Profifoto« reports on our collective. On page six of the newest issue you can find an introduction of our characters and you get an idea of our philosophy.

Next to that, we had some other online-publications in the last weeks. Here is a list with links, refering to photos and interviews of us.

Flare – Magazin für junge Fotografie
Augenblicke – Fotomagazin
Photo Presse – Online News
Urbanshit – Blog für StreetArt und urbane Kultur
fotoMagazin – Online Magazin

Fyens Stiftstidende

I just did an assignment for the danish newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende. The picture editor of this danish newspaper was my second examiner during my bachelor exam in Århus and remembered me, when he was looking for a photojournalist in Germany who could do the job.

The story was about Lars from Denmark, who came to Germany to get a special cancer treatment, that is not administered in his own country. The immune therapy in combination with the Local Hyperthermia is his last hope, but the doctor said, that »he was probably coming too late«. But Lars, who already overcame another tumor, just before the new one was diagnosted, is a strong personality, who doesn’t stop to fight for his life.

The story about Lars, was published on january 24th in the sunday supplement »Fokus« of the daily newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende.

We are Kollektiv25

After three and a half months of planning, long discussions, 16 hours of skype conferences and a snowy weekend in Hannover, it’s finally done: our website is online! Of course we are very curious about getting feedback, recommendations or critics. Feel free to leave a comment or contact us at mail (bei) kollektiv25 [punkt] de. If you’re interested in Kollektiv25, become our fan on facebook, follow us on twitter or stay updated about our newest projects via RSS Feed.

A very special thanks goes to Timo Höner who spent way too much of his precious time designing and programming everything for us! Timo, you did a great job!
Enjoy and spread the news!