Fyens Stiftstidende

I just did an assignment for the danish newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende. The picture editor of this danish newspaper was my second examiner during my bachelor exam in Århus and remembered me, when he was looking for a photojournalist in Germany who could do the job.

The story was about Lars from Denmark, who came to Germany to get a special cancer treatment, that is not administered in his own country. The immune therapy in combination with the Local Hyperthermia is his last hope, but the doctor said, that »he was probably coming too late«. But Lars, who already overcame another tumor, just before the new one was diagnosted, is a strong personality, who doesn’t stop to fight for his life.

The story about Lars, was published on january 24th in the sunday supplement »Fokus« of the daily newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende.