bread ’n butter II

Here is another job, I did for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: Just recently I shot the former Miss Barbie of Germany (from ten years ago). Well I didn’t even know such a title existed but there I am in the flat of this women in Wiesbaden. She had to redo her make up a couple of times because she felt uncomfortable and was afraid she might look bad in the pictures. She put a lot of effort into the way she looks (including plastic surgery which had gone a little bit wrong on some parts of her body). She appeared to me as a rather sad personality still trying to make money out of her succes from the past. It wasn’t easy to photograph her because she’d just look into the camera the whole time trying to do these sort of society event smiles. After about one and a half hours I left her place and these are the results… well let me know what you think.