Friday-Project: Flip-Flop Ocean

We are living in a world full of plastic. Plastic surrounds us everywhere and if not properly disposed it poses a threat to our environment. A lot of our plastic eventually ends up in the ocean. Millions of tons float around our waters and birds, fish and reptiles mistake it for food, eat it and die a slow death. Hundreds of thousands of animals are estimated to die because of plastic every year. There are places in the ocean that contain six times more plastic than plancton.

I spend a little time on an island in Indonesia recently and the amount of plastic pollution on the beaches and in the water is enormous. Flip-Flops seem to float especially well and do therefore end up on beaches in high numbers. On a stretch of beach only a few hundred meters long there were hundreds of them. Many were boring „normal“ flip-flops but some looked interesting either due to their design or to the amount of time they’ve been in the water. So i decided to collect a good number with the help of my (plastic) bag.
Here are some of them: