Friday-Portrait: Teenager

It’s friday again. And Friday is portrait day on our blog.
Every Friday each of us is going to upload one portrait to a given theme. On facebook you are now able to vote for the next weeks theme. You name what you wish to see – we go out and get it.

Here is last weeks theme: TEENAGER

German screen teen

The German population watches appr. 223 minutes TV per day. That means in average every German spends arround 10 years of his live in front of a TV-screen.

Florian Manz

Florian Manz


Philippe is a 15 year old teenager from Montréal, Canada. I met him with his friends in the streets of Rosemont.

Lene Münch


This is Anne-Marie Gagné. She is 17 years old, likes Punkmusic and lives in a sharehouse in Montreal. I met her on the street and asked if I can take her portrait. We than went into a church close by and had a sexy photoshoot.

Julius Schrank