Friday-Portrait: PROSTITUTE

It is friday again. On facebook you are now able to vote for the next weeks theme. You name what you wish to see – we go out and get it.

Here is last weeks theme: PROSTITUTE

Sex Inn

I walked into 7 brothels in Hanovers Red-light district and talked to more than 20 girls, but none of them wanted to be photographed. One prostitute offered me to pose in front of the camera, when I pay $150. This seems to be the only way to get a picture of a prostitute. So in the end I have to admit that I failed, but it was a new experience to me to get in contact with this milieu. At least I could take a picture of the staircase in one of the etablissemnts called »Sex Inn«.

Lene Münch

Prostitution? What prostitution?

Prostitution is illegal in Laos. It therefore doesn’t exist. Anyone reporting about it or showing pictures risks to get on the »red list«. So I was warned by a government official that I know. For this reason I’ve decided not to show a portrait on the subject in this place at this time. Sorry.
The picture underneath I took while working in the northern Lao city of Xiengkhouang last week. It shows a very empty nightclub. No girls inside – only two drunk guys practising their karaoke skills…

Lucas Wahl

Big Momma

Even in Amsterdam it’s not easy to photograph a prostitute! I asked arround 20 girls in the red-lite district until one said »Yes«. I still had to pay 20 € for exactly one(!) photo. Anyways, I’m proud to have accomplished to job…

Julius Schrank

Julius Schrank