Friday-Portrait: DOG

It’s friday again. And Friday is portrait day on our blog. DOG is on this week.
Every Friday each of us is going to upload one portrait to a given theme. On facebook you are now able to vote for the next weeks theme. You name what you wish to see – we go out and get it.

Here is last weeks theme: DOG

The woman with the red gloves

It was early in the morning and the sun just rised, when I met Julia with her cattle-dog mix in DUMBO in Brooklyn. She was heading to the park on the riverside and the dog couldn’t await getting there.

Lene Münch

Ugly & Tian

Ugly and Tian are two dogs of friends of mine. Little Ugly is one of the smallest dogs in town while Tian is about 50 times heavier. They’re not the brightest dogs but surely among the funniest.
THX to Kirsten and Laurence for having enough bacon in the house.

Lucas Wahl

Pug style

»A life without a pug is possible, but meaningless.«

Florian Manz

Florian Manz

The temple dog of Angkor Wat

This dog is a temple-dog hanging out at Cambodia’s tourist attraction number one »Angkor Wat«.

Julius Schrank