Julius Schrank macht Buch für National Geographic

Julius ist aus New York zurück. Drei Wochen hat er dort für das neue National Geographic Buch »LINIE 7 – DIE KULTSTRECKE DURCH NEW YORK CITY« gearbeitet.

In dem Buch wird es neben mehr als 200 Fotografien von Julius, Texte von Bruce Northam, der unter anderem Reisereportagen für »New York Times« und »Huffington Post« schreibt, zu lesen geben.


Das Buch wird im Oktober erscheinen.
ISBN-13: 978-3-86690-630-3

Julius Schrank wins World Press Photo Award

We are very proud to announce that Julius Schrank’s image »Kachin fighters« has won 1st prize in the Daily Life Singles Category in the World Press Photo Contest 2014.

The image shows Kachin Independence Army fighters who are drinking and celebrating at a funeral of one of their commanders who died the day before.

Julius Schrank – World Press Photo Award

The image is part of an ongoing long term project on the conflicts in Burma. Julius Schrank is right now continuing this work and is currently in the Burmese Jungle.

See the awarded picture and all other award-winning images here.

Friday-Project: Senegal Artisan Portraits

Florian and I are still in Africa, participating the Amsterdam Dakar challenge. We just arrived in Dakar and had a day off yesterday.

We used the time to start shooting a portrait series about craftsmen working along the streets or in their little shops.

Today we will head on towards The Gambia where our car will be auctioned to support a health-care project.

Here the foundations website: http://www.kambengo.nl

Omar Faye, 19, Mechanic

Ousman Sarr, 20, Engine fitter

Ada Faye, 15, Painter

Lale Seck, 23, Butcher

Mamadou Nihllo, 22, Car-cleaner

Djeneba Beyei, 40, melon-dealer

Daouda Faye, 25, Car-mechanic

Mamadou Diallo, 31, Tailor

Friday-Project: Amsterdam Dakar Challenge

Together with Julius, I’m doing a rally from Amsterdam to Dakar at the moment. After Dakar we will head on to Gambia where our car will be auctioned. The winst will be donated to a humanitarian Organasation in Gambia. At the moment we are in eastern Marocco at the edge to the Sahara. We have constant problems with our car, but so far we were always able to fix the problem. We hope to reach Banjul, the Gambian capital, by the 26th of november. After that the Friday-project will continue as usual.

Kollektiv25 at Visa pour l’image in Perpignan

From today on the Photofestival Visa pour l’image/Visa Off is exhibiting work from Julius Schrank and Lene Münch. Julius is showing different pictures from his work at the dutch newspaper deVolkskrant and Lenes work about German Fraternities is part of a group show of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Hanover.

»DAILY PRESS«, Julius Schrank, Visa pour l’image
Arsenal des Carmes, Rue Jean Vieilledent, Perpignan
September 1 to September 16, 2012
open daily from 10 am to 8 pm
free of charge

»AWARDED«, Lene Münch, Visa off
La Salle des Libertés, 3 Rue Edmont Bartissol, Perpignan
September 1 to September 8, 2012
open daily from 10 am to 6 pm
free of charge

Julius and Lene will both be in Perpignan and we would be happy to see you at the opening of »AWARDED« on Tuesday, September 4 at 6 pm. There will be wine!

Meeting the »Seashepherds« on Tasmania.

End of last year, I travelled to Australia for a story about the »Seashepherd conservation society«. Every year the group of marine and wildlife activists launches a huge campain to the Antarctica to chase the Japanese Whaling-fleet. This year the campain contained 3 vessels: The »Steve Irwin«, the »Bob Barker« and their new top gun, the stealth boat »Gojira«. Their big goal was to detain the Japanese fleet from killing any whales throughout the hunting-season. The campain usually takes about 3 months and was lounged for the 7th time. From the perspective of the Sea Shepherds, this year’s campain was a big success, as after a few days of chasing the »Nisshin Maru« factory ship, the Japanese returned home. With this retreat, the Japanese officially ended the 2011 hunting season in the southern ocean. After information of the Sea Shepherds, the whaler’s didn’t even take 10% of their quota. Anyways, I think at the moment the Japanese have much bigger problems to deal with!

Together with a college I travelled to Hobart on Tasmania, to cover the campaines preparation and to interview the founder of the society, Captain Paul Watson.

Top 10 emerging photographers from Germany

Florian Manz, Lene Münch and Julius Schrank are three of the TOP TEN UNTER 30 emerging photographers from Germany selected by »flare« magazine.

The jury consisted of the gallery owner Robert Morat, the art director Matthias Ballmann, the photographer Sebastian Bolesch and a Representative of the photoeditors of Spiegel Online. To see the other 7 photographers who have been selected click here.

Kollektiv25 joins Agency FOCUS

We’re happy to announce that all four of us have joined the german agency FOCUS. FOCUS has gained a lot of renommée for promoting photojournalism over the past 30 years and represents photographers such as Annie Leibovitz, David Burnett, Sebastião Salgado and agencies like Magnum and Contact Press in Germany.

We’re looking forward to a good cooperation and to make some pennies, too 😉
Our images are waiting to be licensed in the agency – go for it!

Photo- und Presseagentur FOCUS
Alter Fischmarkt 3
20457 Hamburg
TEL +49 (0) 40 4502 23-0
FAX +49 (0) 40 4502 23-50

On search for Orka-whales in northern Norway

A few weeks ago, I’ve been on assignment in northern Norway. Together with a writing college, we flew from Amsterdam via Oslo and Bodø to Narvik.Narvik is a small town, which can be seen as the getaway to the islands of the Lofoten. From here we boarded an old Fishing boat, and started our trip towards the islands.
The next days, we basically cruised around to find the Orkas, unfortunately without any success…!
We later found out, that we were not just unlucky…. Until a few years ago, huge numbers of Orkas were visiting the sheltered waters around the islands regularly to feed on there main pray, the Herring. At this time the chance to meet them was almost hundred percent.
But in the last decade, the commercial fishing industry targeted the Herring heavily. Within a few years the population around the Lofoten was almost exterminated, and with the overfishing and the disappearance of the Herring, the Orcas also didn’t come back.
»They are still there«, explains our captain, »Somewhere far out on the ocean, they are looking for Herring.«

For our story, this fact was a little challenging. A reportage about whale watching without seeing any whale, doesn’t appear very authentic! So my college changed the story a little bit and wrote about the facts of the disappearance of the whales as well as the flair on the old fishing boat and the pure beauty of the Lofoten at wintertime. I provided the photos.
Around two weeks ago the story was published as the opening-story for the weekly travel section of the Volkskrant.

How to kill a horse

A while ago I got the assignment to photograph at a slaughterhouse for horses. In fact there are too many private held horses in the Netherlands, so people are trying to sell them on the Internet. This, in many cases doesn’t work because there is just no need for these high number of animals. Especially when the horses suffer from something that impacts there function as a sport horse in a negative manner.

I photographed at a slaughterhouse before, but I was still excited when I got on this assignment. Anyhow there is a difference between seeing a pig rather than a horse dieing. It is probably because today a horse is nothing more than a pet for us. There is no longer any economical need for dobbins or working horses like a 100 years ago. Next to that horses do not get reared to feed the human race like pigs or cattle do.

But I also think, if you eat meat, you should be aware of where it is coming from. At least we should keep in mind, that the in plastic wrapped peace of meat in the supermarket was an animal before.

Anyways, I spend some hours photographing the slaughters following their work. This is how it looks:

Julius is now associated with the Dutch newspaper »De Volkskrant«

Julius just moved to Amsterdam to start his job for the daily Dutch newspaper »De Volkskrant«. The paper, which is one of the biggest in the country, distinguishes itself through a high standard of photo-quality.
From now on Julius will be working for at least 6 month as an affiliated photographer for the paper.

You can reach him on his German phone as usual or on his new Dutch number:
German: +49.151.15 54 77 47
Dutch: +31.685.10 02 72

Florian and Julius just finished their assignment for »GEO Saison«

A couple of days ago, Florian and Julius came back from their assignment for the German travel-magazine »GEO Saison«.
They’ve spent around 9 days photographing in southern France.

»We definitely had a good time down there, eventhough the metier of travel-photography was very new to us. Usually as a photojournalist you are focused on things that doesn’t work too well in our society. Most likely you are telling stories of problems, issues and difficulties.
So sometimes it was strange for us to always look out for the beautiful things around us. But we are very satisfied with the result and we definitely acquired a taste for the metier of travel-photography!«

The photos will most likely be published in the February issue next year.

Meeting in Berlin!

It’s already a few days ago, but we still want to show you some photos of our meeting at the beginning of this month in Berlin.

On May first, we went to the big demonstration of right-wing extremists to cover the event. There were around 700 fascists trying to walk through Berlin, but got stopped after a few hundred meters by an enormous amount of counter-demonstrators blocking the streets.
At the demonstration we found ourselves between hundreds of photographers, journalists and film-teams. It felt as if there were at least two press-members
for every demonstrator. Anyways, it was nice being »on assignment« with the whole collective.

German photo-magazine refers to Kollektiv25

The german photo-magazine »Profifoto« reports on our collective. On page six of the newest issue you can find an introduction of our characters and you get an idea of our philosophy.

Next to that, we had some other online-publications in the last weeks. Here is a list with links, refering to photos and interviews of us.

Flare – Magazin für junge Fotografie
Augenblicke – Fotomagazin
Photo Presse – Online News
Urbanshit – Blog für StreetArt und urbane Kultur
fotoMagazin – Online Magazin

We are Kollektiv25

After three and a half months of planning, long discussions, 16 hours of skype conferences and a snowy weekend in Hannover, it’s finally done: our website is online! Of course we are very curious about getting feedback, recommendations or critics. Feel free to leave a comment or contact us at mail (bei) kollektiv25 [punkt] de. If you’re interested in Kollektiv25, become our fan on facebook, follow us on twitter or stay updated about our newest projects via RSS Feed.

A very special thanks goes to Timo Höner who spent way too much of his precious time designing and programming everything for us! Timo, you did a great job!
Enjoy and spread the news!